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The AdderLink XDIP


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One solution, many uses

The AdderLink XDIP is an IP-based, high performance KVM extender or matrix solution that connects users and computers using your existing IP network. Separate your users and computers whilst providing complete flexibility in setup. Scale your set up from a single point-to-point extension solution up to an 8CPU:8User matrix and anything between.

Using your existing 1GbE network and a single CATx cable you can transmit audio, visual and USB data to your users. User defined, upon setup, each unit can function as a transmitter or receiver with a feed though or local computer support.

Operating without the need for software or driver installation and with an intuitive setup wizard makes the units easy to use and install. Mass storage devices, keyboard, mouse, tablet and touch screens are also supported.

Click HERE to view the XDIP and example diagrams.

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