NetComm Wireless NTC-30WV-02

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NetComm Wireless NTC-30WV-02

Product is End of Life : 2018-07-31
3G Marine Outdoor WiFi Router



The 3G Marine Outdoor WiFi Router is a state-of-the-art modem router that provides high speed broadband connectivity to both leisure and commercial boats. The device utilises the speed and coverage of a 3G network to deliver a powerful, secure and reliable Internet connection to your boat; whether at the marina, on the harbour, on the water ways or off the coast. Internet enabled devices such as your tablet, laptop and smartphone can simultaneously connect to the routers powerful WiFi network.

Designed for the ocean, the robust router withstands harsh climates such as sea air corrosion, extreme temperatures and storms. The device connects up to 16 devices simultaneously using one single connection making it an economical choice for any kind of boating application.

Rust and corrosion proof
The 3G Marine Outdoor WiFi Router is housed in an IP67 rated metal casing that is both dust proof and water resistant. The durable metal housing and all metal screws and connectors are all stainless steel and treated to prevent rust and corrosion – important for marine use.

Solid WiFi
With WiFi speeds of up to 300Mbps you can share a fast and reliable connection between multiple wireless devices such as laptops, tablets and smart phones. On board instruments such as GPS, depth finders and wind equipment that have WiFi capability can also be networked together over the routers WiFi network.

Offshore Internet
With powerful omni-directional 3G antennas delivering speeds of up to 21Mbps, an Internet signal can be received well off shore. With 3G towers located at various locations along the coast, a clear line of sight to the tower when at sea will enable a signal to extend to a range of up to 60km off shore.

Stay in touch
The 3G Marine Outdoor WiFi Router also features the ability to make phone calls over the 3G cellular network, enabling you to stay in touch with family, friends and business. Enjoy a landline experience on the open ocean to make cost-effective calls over 3G.

The NetComm Wireless 3G Marine Outdoor WiFi Router is designed to provide high-speed Internet connectivity to boats and marinas. It connects to the 3G network and can be mounted onto any flat surface or pole and positioned in an optimal position to receive the best possible signal.

The 3G Marine Outdoor WiFi Router features a powerful antenna system, cellular modem, Wireless LAN access point and telephone adapter together in one unit. The embedded cellular modem delivers data downloads of up to 21Mbps (HSPA+), which are made available via the Ethernet connection and WiFi. With the integrated 802.11n WiFi access point and MIMO antenna technology, the 3G Marine Outdoor WiFi Router can provide reliable WiFi coverage for convenient outdoor Internet access.

The integrated telephone adapter connects standard analogue phone handsets to the 3G Marine Outdoor WiFi Router allowing phone calls to be made over the 3G UMTS network for a full landline experience.

The IP67 rated housing and stainless steel connectors and screws allow the router to operate in extreme conditions in marine applications without suffering from rust and other physical defects.


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