Panorama Antennas LGMMB-7-27

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Panorama Antennas LGMMB-7-27


Low Profile MiMo Antenna 2x LTE and GPS (Black Housing)



The Panorama LGMM low profile MIMO antenna range has been designed to support the new generation of vehicular LTE routers.
The antenna enclosure contains three isolated high performance antenna elements; two ultra-wideband elements covering 698-2700MHz support MiMo/diversity at cellular/LTE frequencies and a high performance GPS antenna with an integrated 26dB gain LNA and high quality filtering to combat noise.
The antenna does not require a metallic ground plane, and maintains a high level of performance even when mounted on a non-metallic surface.

Weitere Informationen

Frequencies MHz
698-960 / 1575 / 1700-2700

Cable Length

2x SMA m (Cellular) & 1x FME f (GPS)

Part No.   LGMMB-7-27

Electrical Data

Frequency Range (MHz)    Elements 1 & 2   698-960 / 1700-2700

Operational Bands   Elements 1 & 2   LTE / Cellular

Peak Gain: Isotropic
VSWR   Elements 1 & 2   < 2.5:1

Isolation (in free space)   Elements 1 & 2   > 15dB

Polarisation   Vertical

Impedance   50Ω

Max Input Power (W)   50

GPS Data

Frequency Range (MHz)   1575

VSWR   <2.0:1 ± 4MHz

Gain: LNA   26dB

Polarisation   Right Hand Circular

Operating Voltage   3 - 7V DC (fed via coax)

Current   Typical 14mA

Mechanical Data

Operating Temp   -22°/ 176°F (-30° / +80°C )

Material   A.S.A & diecast aluminium

Colour    Black

Mounting Data

Mounting type   Panel mount

Max panel thickness   0.236”(6mm)

Mounting hole   3/4” (19mm)

Cable Data

GPS Cable
Cell / LTE Cables x2

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