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Trend Control Systems Ltd.

Cellular Connectivity Increases Efficiency of Building Energy Management Systems

A Sierra Wireless® Remote Monitoring Solution




Business Challenge

During a typical BEMS deployment, two of the most time-consuming components areinstalling new landlines and integrating with the customer’s core IT network.

Installing a new broadband line is costly and frequently requires long lead times (weeksto even months) for installation from a local provider. One alternative to a newlyinstalled landline is to leverage the building’s existing core IT infrastructure. While thisoption can lower deployment costs and lead times, organizations or building ownersare often reluctant or refuse to allow third parties to integrate with their IT network.

To avoid the delays, costs and difficulty in using new or existing landlines, Trend beganto investigate alternative methods of communicating with their deployments, includingcellular networks.

Sierra Wireless AirLink® Solution

As Trend began their search for a reliable connectivity device, they turned to WestbaseTechnology, a provider of innovative wireless solutions. After in-depth discussions anda complete assessment of the deployment scenarios, Westbase recommended theAirLink gateway from Sierra Wireless, a rugged, compact gateway, specifically designedfor unmanned communications where reliability is a must.

Westbase worked in partnership with Trend to develop the Trend Connect system.Trend Connect is a fully managed solution that provides 24/7 system monitoring andmanagement. The system facilitates the Trend Energy and Support Solutions Team torespond instantly to alarms triggered at customer sites.

By integrating the AirLink gateway with their innovative BEMS platform, Trenddeveloped a rapidly deployable wireless solution.

“By working with the team from Westbase we have drastically reduced ourdependence on landlines, and have designed a BEMS solution that’s amazingly simpleto deploy and manage,” remarked Sean Brook, Energy and Support Solutions Manager,Trend Controls. “As a result our customers will experience lower costs and ultimately aquicker return on investment.”


“Utilizing the AirLink gateway we have been able to provide Trend Controls a managed,secure, reliable high-speed solution that they can install in a greatly reduced timelineagainst fixed line,” said Kakad.

“By working with partners like Sierra Wireless and Westbase we can concentrate onour core competencies while leveraging cellular technology to extend our business andimprove our product suite.”

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